Slim Possible Strollers

first class will be held September 15th!

Slim Possible Strollers is a unique stroller- based workout designed for moms to get a full- body workout with their kids in the stroller. It features cardio, strength training and body toning exercises using only our surroundings, our strollers and an exercise tube. This is a great workout for all fitness levels and most importantly, models a great example for the kids. Instructors weave songs and activities into the routine designed to entertain and engage baby, while moms are led through a series of exercises for a full hour workout. Moms find community through our band of mommies, so you always feel like you have the support you need. Included in your Strollers membership is also a membership to Slim Possible to ensure you’re getting the best fuel for your workout. We believe total health focuses on a balance of fitness, nutrition and mental well- being.
In addition to our workouts, we host fun events for the kids after class, Mommy hall pass night where we go out as a group of Moms without the kids, and fun family activities as part of our Slim Possible community.


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